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WATERPROOF! New Skinnies Bikini Tummy Tuck For Tight Looking Tummy While Showing Mid Section

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WATERPROOF! Get the tight, flat tummy you once had with the Skinnies Bikini Tuck. Pulls extra skin down and hides under bikini bottom. (NOT RECOMMENDED FOR MORE THAN 2 INCHES OF LOOSE SKIN). This is not a tissue mover, as are our other product, the Skinnies Tummy Lifts. For more than a slight tuck, please purchase the Skinnies Tummy Lift, instead. The Tummy Tuck pulls extra skin down, tightening excess tummy skin located under the belly button and hides discreetly under your bikini bottoms or pants so that the midriff (midsection) can be exposed. They are waterproof and will last all day until removed. Follow application instructions exactly so that the excess skin will fold into our patented "no pinch" zone for comfortable all day wear.

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